Call for Participation: Vote for Your Favorite Short Films, Videos, and Animations for the Summer Shorts Video Contest “Audience Awards” Before the October 232023 Deadline. Your Voice Matters!

Call for Participation

Who: The Summer Shorts Video Contest, organized by Student Filmmakers Magazine in collaboration with media partners, HD Pro Guide Magazine and Sports Video Tech Magazine.

What: The Summer Shorts Video Contest is a platform for filmmakers to submit short videos for recognition and awards.
When: The Audience Awards voting deadline is Monday, October 23, 2023.

Where: Cast your vote through the official contest website, Videos can be viewed at

Why: Participating in the Audience Awards voting allows you to have a say in acknowledging talented filmmakers, visual storytellers, and their work.

How: To vote for the Audience Awards, visit before October 23, watch the entries, and choose your favorites. Your vote makes a difference in recognizing these filmmakers’ efforts.

Beachtek Prizes for Audience Awards:

* 1st Place Audience Award: DXA-MAX ($229 value)
* 2nd Place Audience Award: DXA-MICRO PRO+ ($189 value)
* 3rd Place Audience Award: DXA-MICRO PRO ($149 value)
(To learn more about the hi-def camera audio adapters, visit

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