Congratulations to Nikhil Kamkolkar for winning 1st place in the StudentFilmmakers Video Contest. Judges Mark Irwin CSC/ASC, Michael Goi ASC, Shane Stanley, Amy DeLouise, and Bart Weiss acknowledged Nikhil’s talent.

A heartfelt thank you extends to Nikhil for his outstanding contribution, all the talented contestants, and our dedicated judges and sponsors.

Nikhil chose the Rokinon Cine-DSX 135MM lens with Canon EF mount as his prize. To learn more about the Rokinon Cine DSX and Rokinon Cine AF Lens families, click here.

Nikhil also won the Smart Z-Finder by Zacuto and the DXA-MAX by Beachtek.

To all filmmakers: “In short films, story is everything. It shows us that even in brief tales, a good story connects us, making moments matter and leaving a mark.”


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beachtek audio adapters

ROKINON Cine Auto Focus Lenses

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The Annual Summer Shorts Video Contest, organized by and Student Filmmakers Magazine, welcomes participation from students, teachers, and professors alike. We encourage you to promote creativity and support cinematic storytelling among your students and colleagues. Please consider sharing this opportunity with others. This contest provides filmmakers of various levels a platform to display their artistic abilities globally. Participants can win prizes, engage with the creative community, and present their work.

Rokinon Cine DSX lens family Rokinon Cine AF lens family

Learn more about the Rokinon Cine DSX Lens Family and the advanced Rokinon Cine AF Lens Family. These top-of-the-line lenses will take your cinematography to new heights and empower you to capture cinematic moments with exceptional clarity. Learn more…


Smart Z-Finder

Smart Z-Finder Viewfinder for Smartphones

If you have a smartphone (and who doesn’t?). You need this.A game-changing accessory for smartphone content creators. Designed to magnify and block out light, it enables you to see an in-depth, glare-free image of your screen to achieve critical focus and framing. Engineered to add points of stability and turn your smartphone ergonomically into a production grade camera.
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beachtek beachtek beachtek

Enhance Your Audio Setup with the BeachTek DXA-MICRO PRO!

Experience exceptional audio performance with the BeachTek DXA-MICRO PRO – a powerful and compact solution designed for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras. Packed with pro-level features, this adapter allows you to record high-quality audio effortlessly from any source. Forget about syncing issues, as the DXA-MICRO PRO ensures perfect audio-video alignment by directly recording audio to your camera. Its dual gain settings and low-noise preamplifiers guarantee crystal-clear sound without any hiss, elevating your recordings to new heights. Enjoy the flexibility of connecting various microphones, including wireless systems and camera-mounted mics. Don’t miss out on this must-have accessory for exceptional audio in your video productions!

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Upgrade Your Camera Audio to Pro-Level with DXA-MICRO PRO+

Upgrade your audio game with the DXA-MICRO PRO+ from BeachTek – the ultimate Hi-Def Camera Audio Adapter. Capture high-quality audio directly to your camera from any source, hassle-free and without syncing. Packed with features, it includes a built-in LiPo battery for up to 10 hours of operation, a Micro USB power jack, and a removable Cheese Plate for easy accessory mounting. Benefit from powerful preamplifiers for hiss-free audio and audio bracketing for a safety track. Transform your camera with the optional BRM-2 Baseplate Accessory for a cinematic look. Enjoy impressive run times and a virtually indestructible aluminum chassis. Upgrade to pro-level audio today!

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Upgrade Your Audio with DXA-MAX – High-Def Camera Audio Adapter

Make your camera audio shine with the DXA-MAX from – Beachtek’s top-of-the-line audio adapter! Record high-quality audio directly to your camera without the need for syncing. Enjoy superb operation and ease of use, and set precise recording levels with the built-in VU meter. The compact size is perfect for the latest mirrorless cameras, and the built-in LiPo battery powers the adapter for up to 10 hours. Connect pro-level gear, including wireless systems and professional microphones, for exceptional sound. With powerful preamplifiers and audio bracketing, achieve hiss-free and backup audio effortlessly. Upgrade your audio game today!

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