Nancy Schreiber, ASC: How to Create Look Books On-Demand Webinar

Nancy Schreiber, ASC: “How to Create Look Books On-Demand Webinar

In this webinar, led by Emmy-nominated and award-winning cinematographer Nancy Schreiber, ASC, filmmakers of all levels will gain valuable insights into creating impactful look books, learning through Nancy’s examples from two of her projects how to effectively convey their visual concepts. This knowledge not only enhances your storytelling skills but also assists you in securing job opportunities.

On-Demand Webinar Overview:

In this comprehensive on-demand webinar, Emmy-nominated and award-winning cinematographer Nancy Schreiber, ASC, will take you on an insightful journey into the creation of look books, an essential tool for filmmakers at all levels for job interviews and preproduction meetings in film and television. Nancy will explore the nuances of stylistic decisions—including color palettes, framing, and lighting—and how these elements can evolve or transform from the initial concept to the production stage of a film or episodic series.

Participants will benefit from Nancy’s extensive experience as she conducts a comparative study of her work on the indie film “Mapplethorpe,” shot in New York City over 19 days and featuring Matt Smith, and the visually compelling TV series “P-Valley,” filmed in Atlanta under the direction of Karena Evans with showrunner Katori Hall. This webinar will not only enhance your storytelling skills through a deeper understanding of visual communication but also equip you with the knowledge to leverage look books in securing job opportunities.

About Nancy Schreiber, ASC

Nancy Schreiber, ASC, is a trailblazer in the world of cinematography, celebrated for her creative vision and technical excellence. As the fourth woman ever voted into the prestigious American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), she’s not only carved out a significant space for herself but also set the stage for future generations of women in the field. Schreiber’s remarkable achievements include receiving the ASC’s President’s Award in 2017, making her the first woman to be honored with this prestigious accolade. Her work has been recognized with the Best Dramatic Cinematography Award at Sundance for “November,” showcasing her unparalleled skill in crafting visually compelling narratives.

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